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In my day job I am programme manager for digital sustainability and communication at the Free Software Foundation Europe. In this role and beyond, I have been working with federal agencies and institutions as well as other civil society actors for many years on research and discovery of sustainability through software.

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In my self-employment, I offer communication and consulting services, especially on my core topics: Free Software / Open Source (FOSS), Digital Sustainability, Software Obsolescence, Sustainable Software , decentralization, governance, community.

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I offer strategic communication, copywriting and holistic services around text, image & message - whether you need help in your concept, campaign, websites, articles, community communication, crisis or cohesion. For a quick overview of my activities, I have compiled an exemplary list of various of my activities below, and further below a list of my own projects. And speaking about this website, it is not only handmade but also follows a sustainable web design.

In addition, I regularly publish articles on the topics of a digital society and digital sustainability. This includes my posts on and on I also try to capture some of my insights and thoughts about sustainable software in my little blog.

Last but not least, I regularly give lectures for the FSFE on various topics, mostly around digital sustainability, software obsolescence or freedom on mobile phones. It's still on my todo list to generate a list of it... until then, here are a few examples.

Publicity & Publications (exemplary)


I offer consulting services around digital sustainability, Free Software, decentralization, governance and community. This includes strategic advice on public and community communication as well as technical advice on the use and cultivation of open source technologies, the development of sustainable infrastructures and technology assessment. Finally, I write expert articles and short studies on said topics and can be booked for workshops on digital sustainability. My satisfied customers include well-known national and international institutions.

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My heart projects

In my free time I like to take care of my garden. And in the digital space, as time permits, I take care of my two projects:

logo of Open Source Gardens Open Source Gardens
A movement about the cultivation of Open Source Seeds using Open Source garden technologies
logo of // //
The most comprehensive list of Free and Open Source Software events in Europe

Also I am active in these communities

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