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About this website

At first glance, this website seems unusually unobtrusive and "simple in design". And that is exactly what it is. Because it is precisely in its "simplicity" that its genius lies. This website lives by the concept of digital sufficiency: "As much as necessary, as little as possible". With this concept, the website joins the efforts that have become established in recent years under the buzzwords "digital sustainability" or "low tech".

First of all, the technical-social component: This site comes completely without distractions, no dynamic and personalized content, no intermediate sparks or third party control, no advertising and no blinking. This site has been written and coded bit by bit by hand, and the color contrasts where chosen to be as calm and as gentle as possible. There has been also put an effort into using technical and human readable aids accoring to the CSS/HTML standards, e.g. alt and title for the description of images. As a result, technial readers for blind people, for example, can work better. And of course this site does not set any cookies, is completely tracking-free and is also self-hosted.

And yet there is also an ecological sustainability: the fact that no data is transferred in favor of personalized advertising is a big win in this respect. Also that no scripts or content are reloaded. Furthermore, images are scaled in size and used only for what is necessary. This gives the website a top ranking in the Carbon Emission Calculator. And of course it also runs on Green energy.

Screenshot of showing produces little carbon emissions Screenshot of showing Dreirik is running on green energy

Data protection

It couldn't be easier: No personal data is collected or processed, no cookies are set and no tracking takes place.

There is however a Umami installation running, a software to visualize page visits. This however happens completely anonymously and only provides information about the pure server statistics, which are anyway collected from each server. No data is transmitted to third parties, all data remains on the server.


Unless specifically noted otherwise, all content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).



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